North Cyprus Yoga & Pilates Holiday

5th-12th September 2022


Close your eyes and take a deep breath…Can you hear the waves of the Mediterranean and smell the sea? How about the morning and evening sun kissing your skin or the warm sand under your feet? Now exhale and join me for a holiday filled with Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, sun and fun in Northern Cyprus….

The retreat will be held at the family run, rustic, green, beautiful Riviera Beach Bungalows. You can choose to share your room with another yogi/yogini, stay on your own or upgrade to a superior room. You will have the opportunity to practice your morning/evening yoga by the beach, on a boat or on the mountains during the excursions arranged by Side Tour.

September weather in Northern Cyprus is relatively cooler than peak summer but still warm enough to enjoy a late summer holiday. The average temperature during the day is 30ºC, evening 22ºC, and the sea 26ºC, with a 10 hours uninterrupted sunshine daily.



7 nights accommodation (with 5 nights option available)

4 days Half Board (breakfast & dinner), 3 days full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

(Based on 2 people sharing a standard double/twin room.  Single Supplement in a standard room: £165 p/w. Single Superior Room upgrade: £185 p/w. Single Superior Room Sea View upgrade: £245 p/w. Double Superior Room upgrade: £40 p/w. Double Superior Room Sea View upgrade: £100 p/w)


Prices are inclusive of:

  • Ercan Airport-hotel, excursion transfers and tour guides (i. flights are excluded, ii- Larnaca Airport transfer £40 o/w)
  • Half Board accommodation at Riviera Beach Bungalows.
  • Daily 1 hour Yoga and/or Meditation and 1 hour Pop Pilates sessions with Suzan Altay (either at the Riviera or at sightseeing destinations by the beach/mountains/boat).
  • A day trip to Karpaz Peninsula Golden Beach and Ayfilon Beach inclusive of lunch by the beach.
  • A day trip to St. Hilarion Castle on the Kyrenia (Five-Finger) Mountains and a private boat trip in the deep waters of the Mediterranean, inclusive of lunch aboard.
  • A day trip to Famagusta, Salamis Ancient City, Ghost Town and Walled City, inclusive of lunch in the old town. 



  • Day 1, Monday 5th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and dinner included) Transfer from Ercan Airport to Riviera Beach Bungalows.  Check-in to the hotel. Free evening.
  • Day 2, Tuesday 6th September 2022:  (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & lunch & dinner included)  St. Hilarion and boat tour. Our day will start with a short drive from Kyrenia to St. Hilarion Castle. With walls and towers that appear to sprout out of the rocks almost randomly, it is rumoured that it is used by Walt Disney as inspiration for the castle in ‘’Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’’. The highest point is about 730m above sea level and the view is marvellous. There will be one hour Yoga/Pilates session at the top of the castle. After St Hilarion Castle we will drive to the picturesque harbour of Kyrenia to take a boat tour (13:00 – 18:00) to the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In this tour we will visit the bays of Kyrenia. Lunch will be taken on board. We will have a session of Yoga/Pilates on board and swim. Return to the hotel after boat tour. Free evening.
  • Day 3, Wednesday 7th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & dinner included) Free day & evening.
  • Day 4, Thursday 8th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & lunch & dinner included). A day trip to Karpaz Peninsula. Driving along the northern coastal road to the far end of the peninsula we’ll have a coffee break at Dipkarpaz village (Rizzokarpazzo) then continue towards the tip of Karpaz peninsula. There, the wild donkeys will enjoy the apples/carrots that we will give them. We will visit the newly renovated monastery church of St. Andrews (Apostolos Andreas) and learn about the foundation of the Orthodox pilgrimage site. Thereafter, we will have a photo break at the Golden Beach and depart for lunch to Oasis Restaurant  at Ayfilon Beach. After lunch, we’ll have some free time to swim, relax and do sunset Yoga/Pilates/Meditation. After sunset will head back to Kyrenia. Free evening.
  • Day 5, Friday 9th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & dinner included) Free day & evening. 
  • Day 6, Saturday 10th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & lunch & dinner included) Famagusta Tour. Today is our cultural day; our first stop will be the Ancient City of Salamis, where more than 150.000 people used to live in the 2nd century. The Roman theatre and the Gymnasium with thermal baths show us the high standard the inhabitants lived at that time. A short drive will take us to the Famagusta Walled City. In the Historical Centre of Famagusta we will have a traditional lunch before we visit the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (former St. Nicholas Cathedral), which has impressed the visitors for centuries with masterful Gothic architecture. In the meantime, while you’re having a great time and capturing good memories with your photos, you will be learning  about Cyprus and its history. After visiting Famagusta Old City, we’ll have a walk in the Varosha, which is also known ‘ghost’ town. At the Palm Beach just next to the ghost town, we’ll have some time for swimming and Yoga/Pilates/Meditation. From there, we will head back to Kyrenia. Free evening.
  • Day 7, Sunday 11th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast & dinner included) Free day & evening.
  • Day 8, Monday 12th September 2022: (2 hours yoga/pilates/meditation and breakfast included) 12:00 Check-out from the hotel. Transfer from Riviera Beach Bungalows to Ercan Airport.

Optional Extras:

  • The Hidden Treasures of Kyrenia Mountains: Church of Antiphonitis & Buffavento Castle Tour (11:30-18:30): This day we will climb to the top of the Five Finger Mountains, walking and breathing oxygen through the forests and exploring the nature. Our first stop will be the Church of Antiphonitis. The church was built on the site of a natural spring at the head of a valley and was constructed in the twelfth century. It consists of a single building with a spacious dome carried on eight pillars and is the only surviving examples of this type in Cyprus. The church of Antiphonitis is also noted for its picturesque location and distant view of the Mediterranean and the mountains in Anatolia that the scenery provides. It is situated approx at a height of 500 m above sea level on the northern slopes of the Besparmak mountains. We’ll soak up the atmosphere and have a picnic in the grounds while we marvel at the views. The next point in our program is the Buffavento Castle, which is at 955 m above sea level, Buffavento castle stands as the highest of the three crusader castles. It probably originated as a Byzantine watch tower to guard the island against Arab raiders in the 10th century. Although it takes a climb to reach to the castle, only the panoramic views that covers both the north shore and Kyrenia and the Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains in a good day alone worth the efforts. You will also discover why the castle, is name Buffavento, meaning “Defier of winds”. And while you’re standing at the top and enjoying the spectacular scenery, you might wonder how such a monument got built up there in the first place. After watching the magnificent sun set in the foothills of Kyrenia mountains, we’ll drive back to the hotel…Price: 1 person £150 p/p, 2 people £80 p/p, 3+ people £55 p/p. Transfers and lunch included.
  • West Coast Tour (09:00-17:00): The unspoiled west coast of Northern Cyprus is a region covered with green meadows, beautiful citrus gardens and small traditional towns that offers its visitors a combination of nature, history, peace and calm and a taste of local life. In the morning we will drive towards west and enjoy the view and smell of miles long citrus and orange groves of the region along the way. Our first stop is the 18th century St. Mamas Church and the Icon Museum in Guzelyurt (Morphou), the best kept of all orthodox churches in North Cyprus. Afterwards, we will visit the nearby Nature Museum where animal species unique to Cyprus are exhibited and The Archaeological Museum with its newest discoveries such as ”The Golden Leaves of Soli”. From there we will continue to remains of the Ancient City of Soli. Soli is one of the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus which dates back to 6th century BC. Current excavation site offers a view of a Roman theatre, the Christian Basilica with impressively preserved mosaics that dates back to 4th century and the agora. The famous Swan mosaic in the Basilica is known as the symbol of Soli. Thereafter we’ll taste local delicacies at a local restaurant. After lunch we will drive towards further west to visit the remains of Vouni Palace. It is the only Persian palace known in Cyprus, which was in use during the 5th and 4th century BC. With a location on top of a hill at 250 m above the sea level the Palace offers a magnificent view of the Morphou Bay and Troodos mountains. From there we will explore town of Lefke, a member of Cittaslow town family. In this little town at the edge of the west coast one can observe the traditional Cypriot life style that still dominates inhabitants daily routine, see the old Ottoman period aqueducts and visit the second biggest dam in Northern Cyprus….Price: 1 person £160 p/p, 2 people £85 p/p, 3+ people £60 p/p. Transfers and lunch included.
  • Scuba Diving
  • Paragliding
  • Mountain Safari
  • Sky diving
  • Extra nights at the hotel: Double Standard Room: £ 41 p/p (single room supplement £27). Double Superior Standard Room: £ 43 p/p (single room supplement £28). Double Superior Sea View Room: £ 49 p/p (single room supplement £32)


To book:

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3. If payment of either the deposit or the full balance is not received by the due date LearnYogaLondon reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the deposit.
4. In the event of cancellation by the customer, unless proven Covid positive, the following refund fees -minus the deposit- apply:
Cancellation 2 weeks or less before due arrival date, 0% refund
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Cancellation more than 8 weeks before due arrival date, 100% refund
5. All international and national payments will be made in GBP.
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13. We recommend that all customers have adequate travel, cancellation and medical insurance for the duration of the trip.


Snorkeling at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Scuba diving in Kyrenia

Yoga at sunset at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Yoga at sunset at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Morning Pilates at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Sun set at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Yoga at St. Hilarion Castle

Yoga on a boat

Karmi Village

Kyrenia Harbour

Yoga on the mountains

Yoga at St. Hilarion Castle

Yoga at Antiphonitis Church

Salamis ancient city

Ghost Town in Famagusta

Wild goats of Karpaz

Wild donkeys of Karpaz

Sunset at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Bungalows at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia (Five-Finger) Mountains

Kyrenia Harbour

Kapraz, Golden BeachSunset at Riviera Beach Bungalows

Smiling wild donkeys of Karpaz:-)

Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Abbey